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The learning game where you
won’t survive on your own.

Stranded is a browser game designed to improve student co-operation. You play the game with your class or with another group. The best results come from working together.

In the game, the class shipwrecks on an unknown island and must learn to work together as a team in order to survive. This page contains useful information that will help you make the most of the game in your class.


Cooperation is difficult, a learning game helps

Do you find that your class needs work on their skills at co-operation or do you want to reward your class with a relaxing time that boosts the class spirit? Then you should have them play Stranded!


Playing a learning game is easy

The game is played on a computer that has an Internet connection. To play the game, no installation or student registration is required. One game lasts roughly 25 minutes and afterwards the group receives feedback on how well they did together.

You can download the game's manual with the link below. This manual can be printed and contains exhaustive information on all the elements of the game.

Download the Manual (PDF)


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